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                                                   JL, Incorporated was birthed back years ago in 2004 during a time when I simply
                                                   sought to help others in my spare time with design projects. While performing
                                                   these minor task for friends & my local church, people would always inquire
                                                   about my rates and services. I would always respond letting them know that this
                                                   was not something I did for business, but only as a side hobby to help people I knew.
                                                   It wasn't until a dear friend of mine, Makeva Harold (Jenkins) saw in me something that I did not see at the time, which was the ability to become an entrepreneur with my gifting in the area of graphic design. She would always have me design logo's, flyers and other items for her and she never failed to ask "how much do I owe you" making her my first paying client. After having her encourage me over time, nudging me,  suggesting that I stop pushing a potential business away; I eventually took her advice, developing what was then "PROOF Divine Designs, LLC" & is now JL, Incorporated.
What started off as a part time business endeavor; has now become a full time venture. And it's been a non-stop journey of growth and evolution since then. And it's my passion to help others do the same in discovering their gifts, passions and dreams, then stepping out doing what they love in purpose, on purpose! 
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As one yet to be heard, Jennee L. Lamb is a natural born leader seeking to become a voice of faith, hope and revolutionary change for this generation. As a certified empowerment coach and business coach, it is her desire to impact the lives of others

by equipping and empowering  with the wisdom, strategy and the tools they need to flow in their God given assignments and purposes in the areas of business in the marketplace.

Through her coaching, consulting, her authored books and

empowerment speaking she is pleased and aims to do just that! 



"See what clients are saying!"

"I've had the pleasure of getting work done by JL Incorporated for events and Jennee has never disappointed me! I give her an idea and she freely creates a masterpiece every time! 


1st Lady of Riviera Beach FL

"Thank you! This was exactly as I sketched it and how God gave it to me. 
You're a beast girl. And you got it on the first try. I'm so excited!"
"I have worked with Jennee Lamb for over 5 years. After losing my sister to domestic violence, my purpose completely shifted. Jennee has been there every step of the way to create, recreate, and help birth every vision through her God gifted design. She is not an average designer, she is a gift from God to the body of Christ and beyond to birth forth Kingdom vision. I assure you that her design sense combined with your vision will produce something far greater than your expectation. Jennee is far beyond a business partner, I call her friend."


Founder & President of Love from the Inside-Out, Lucy-Lu Foundation

I love all of Jennee's work, from her flyers, brochures, booklets, etc... She's always very efficient, consistent and professional. Our organization loves the quality of her work, the quick turn-around and her presentation.
JL Incorporated is an amazing company doing amazing work in the 21st Century!


President of "The Duo Center" & Co-Pastor of "Engrafted Word Worship Center"