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As you can see, the content here is limited as I prepare for the upcoming changes and updates for 2020. With the new year fast approaching, feel free to email me or fill out the contact form by clicking on the link below to schedule a free consultation to discuss any forthcoming projects. This way I can be sure to answer any questions you may have about my services or prices.


Please be advised that the only two services that are currently being offered is my 1-on-1 Coaching & Consulting, focusing on the key areas of Business Development & Branding and secondly my "STARTER or ULTIMATE BRAND Identity Packs". Accepted projects are on a first come first serve basis and space for new projects and clients are limited. Over the course of 2020 additional products and services will become available. However, at the moment stand alone graphic design services are not available for new clients. Graphic Design will only be available through my available branding packs. For now, click on the link below to view or download a copy of my price list!

Or shoot me a message and let's see how we can connect!

Blessings to you and be sure to come back to visit us again once our site is fully back up and rolling!


Coach Jennee


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